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We are your trusted trading partner for customized first-class agricultural products
Milk Ingredients

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What makes us unique?

Our services

We offer you an incomparable all-inclusive package in which you, the customer, are the focus at all times. We deliver the goods to your front door so that you can focus entirely on your core business.
Years of experience
Financing, currency management & custom clearance

We offer simple export solutions including financing and currency management. We also take care of the smooth customs clearance process.

Logistics & optimized supply chain arrangements

With our exclusive transport platforms and warehouses, we offer tailor-made logistics solutions. Your business secrets are always protected from the competition.

Technical support

Rely on high-quality analyses and top performance in the B2B sector - we specialize in optimizing the ingredient list of your products. Our German and Polish laboratories use innovative food design techniques to take your product development in the dairy lab to a new level.

Certificates & specifications

Our quality - your guarantee

Who are we?

About us

We are a family business with heart and have been combining the best of tradition and modernity since 1896.
We place the utmost value on your trust.
We combine the heritage of agriculture with the opportunities of tomorrow.
We are where you are

Beyond borders

We have offices in the most important key locations in Suedlohn, Warsaw, Mexico City, Chicago, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai

100000 +
Hectares of land
Offices worldwide
20 +
Years of experience
Hectares of land
5000 +
Offices worldwide
Years of experience
10 +
How can you reach us?

Our contact persons

In our global family, there is no such thing as closing time. Whether near or far, we are always there for you personally. As your satisfaction is our greatest asset, we are always just a phone call away!

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